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Skin RejuvenationBody ContouringInjectablesLaser Hair RemovalHormone ReplacementHyperhidrosisMedical Weight Loss

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While most people sweat with temperature change or during exercise, others sweat excessively at random as the result of a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Dr. Lyall Gorenstein, surgical director at the Columbia University Hyperhidrosis Center, says that the condition can begin in infancy or early childhood, and that it’s believed to be a neurological response. Studies have even tied hyperhidrosis to stress and anxiety. Some have explained how sweating profusely can be both embarrassing and socially awkward. In a piece featured on, Jessica Winter wrote she sweat so much during cocktail parties that she tried Chinese herbs and Botox, but found that the only effective solution was to pop a Xanax to calm herself down. She eventually spoke with a therapist after realizing that her own sweating was rooted in anxiety. Briana Bernyk, 20, spoke to ABC’s “Good Morning America” about experiencing similar struggles with sweating. She skipped her senior prom as a result of the issue, and for a while, she was buying only black clothes in an effort to hide the evidence.

If you suffer from Hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating, you do not have to suffer any more!

Allure MD Spa & Wellness Center offers two solutions to treat this problem – a permanent one using MiraDry technology or temporary 4-12 month relief using Botox injections. Find out which hyperhidrosis treatment is best for you by scheduling an appointment at Allure MD Spa in Marlboro Township, Monmouth County, Central New Jersey. 

Call (732) 851-7005 to schedule your appointment today to find which treatment is right for you! We are conveniently located in Marlboro Township, Monmouth County, Central New Jersey.