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OmniLux LED lights

omnilux skin rejuvenation central new jersey

How Does OMNILUX™ Work?

OMNILUX™ works with the body’s own natural processes to counteract the effects of aging and clears acne-prone skin. OMNILUX features three interchangeable LED light treatment heads, each with a different color of light, or wavelength; each head has up to 1700 evenly-spaced diodes which emit a specific narrow band wavelength of light that is proven effective for the condition being treated. Using different combinations of the LED treatment heads means that aestheticians can deliver effective treatment protocols for acne, skin rejuvenation and for the reduction of periorbital wrinkles.

Light Color



Blue Kills acne bacteria. OMNILUX blue™

Stimulates collagen formation.


OMNILUX revive™

Stimulates collagen.

Promotes healing of tissue.


Treatments using red and near infrared light will have a significant effect on periorbital wrinkles, will help to reduce pore size, improve skin tone and texture, and give a vibrant, healthier-looking skin. Combining blue and red helps remove the bacteria that cause the redness and inflammation of acne, helping to minimize the redness of acne lesions, promoting healing and thus giving clearer and healthier skin.

Before and After Photos

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Omnilux Light Therapy?

Omnilux light therapy is a totally natural method of light therapy to treat fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity, skin tone and texture and help to clear and soothe problematic skin.

Who can benefit from the Omnilux combination light therapy treatment?

This treatment is beneficial and effective for both men and women of all ages and skin types.

How does Omnilux combination treatment work for facial rejuvenation?

Omnilux red light at 633 nm is absorbed by the mitochondria and stimulates intercellular energy transfer (ATP) production for enhanced cell vitality and permeability, increased production of new collagen, and increased turnover of collagen and elastin fibers. Omnilux near-infrared light utilizes the invisible, yet penetrating, light waves of 830 nm to stimulate deeper levels of activity for increased toning, firming and oxygenation. Treatments alternate between the 2 light spectra with at least 48 hour intervals; red and near IR are never used simultaneously in the same treatment, as this reduces treatment efficacy.

What results can be expected from Omnilux rejuvenation treatment?

The initial effects you will see are a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion. After the course of treatments you will begin to notice an improvement in skin tone, clarity and texture. Studies have shown a 74% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles 84% improvement in skin smoothness and clarity.

What results can be expected from Omnilux for acne prone skin?

Omnilux targets and neutralizes the bacteria responsible for the inflammation, minimizes the redness of acne lesions and increases cellular activity, making cells more responsive to topical treatments.

How does Omnilux work on age spots?

The light emitted from Omnilux is proven to diminish and lighten the effects of age spots, enlarged pores, blotchy or uneven skin tones, surface wrinkles and slackened skin due to elastin and collagen breakdown.

Will the Omnilux lights cause eye damage?

Both the red and near-infrared lights are completely eye safe. Eyewear is recommended for comfort from the bright lights.

There are 3 different topical regimes to aid in the repairing process – could a customer use more than one product in a single session ( i.e. rejuvenating and firming)?

It is best to choose one regime (Clearing, Repairing, Firming) for a session. We do recommend that customers use the Firming regime for the first four sessions as the ingredients in this regime will show more immediate results in regards to tightening of the skin.

After the first month of treatment of 8 sessions, it is recommended to do only 2 per month for maintenance. What happens if a client does more?

Additional sessions will continue to help improve the skin’s vitality, cell activity, etc., however the clinical trials did not measure to what extent these additional sessions will increase the rejuvenation process. Additional sessions are not harmful. Your customer will most likely be the one that determines the cost/benefit of sessions in excess of the 2 per month maintenance regime.

It is recommended to wait 48 hours between sessions, what happens if a client decides to use Omnilux every day? Should we put a 48 hour minimum between sessions?

The reason for the 48 hour wait between sessions is to allow the skin/cells to have time to react to the red & near infrared light waves independently. Each of these light waves causes different reactions by the skin/cells and by allowing this wait time the effect on the skin/cells is maximized. We would recommend that all customers allow a minimum of 48 hours between sessions to maximize the effect to the same levels as seen in the Clinical Studies.

Where can I get Omnilux Skin Rejuvenation Treatments?

At Allure MD Spa and Wellness Center! We are conveniently located in Monmouth County serving all of Central New Jersey. Our office is Morganville in Marlboro Township.

Learn More About OMNILUX LEDs at Allure MD Spa in Morganville, Marlboro Township, Monmouth County, Central NJ by calling 732-851-7005

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